17th May2013

The Koolaid Electric Company: Your New Favorite Band

by Todd


I don’t care if you call it shoegaze or psych rock, what The Koolaid Electric Company is doing is the definition of sublime. Hailing for the UK, their 2011 album “Random Noises and Organised Sounds would have fit just as perfectly on the Creation Records roster of the 80′s and 90′s, as it would on the Sub Pop label today. Anybody can make a wall of fuzz, but brilliant lyrics and an innate sense of melody make this one of the best records of this decade. We waited patiently for a new album, but we couldn’t wait any longer! TDOA writer Kym tracked the band down to discuss the creation of their beautiful noise and their plans for the future.

Kym: Most of your musical accomplishments and credentials have been garnered from the do-it-yourself method of production and promotion. Has this been a deliberate business decision and how has this route worked so far?

Sam: Mostly deliberate, yes… We call in our friends to help us out sometimes (alot of the time). Business is never in my mind. I don’t have the brain capacity for that side of things…

Kym: What inspires and influences The Koolaid Electric Company?

Sam: Everything… Love, Death, Hate, Life… and all those things in between…There is a lot of inspiration in this world. Unfortunately I’m not one for writing songs about or knowing anything about wars, economic climate or politics or anything like this. I only write about what I know… I never try to or pretend to be smarter than I really am. I am awkward and shy but having these traits and perspective, for me, gives me the inspiration I have to write the songs that I write.

Kym: The Koolaid Electric Company is a brilliant name for a psych band. How did you choose it and what is the meaning behind the name?

Sam: I can’t take credit or blame for that. That was Dean, our guitarists, thing. It’s a play on words and on the title of Tom Wolfes book, The Electric Koolaid Acid Tests.

Kym: How long have the six of you been playing together and what are some of the struggles you’ve had to overcome?

Sam: The current lineup has been together for around 2 years. We usually seem to go through a lineup change every 2 or 3 years.

Kym: Much has been made of your collaborations with the legendary Ricky Maymi of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Any future collaborations planned?

Sam: He’s great. Very fun and funny. Enthusiastic. He really has done a lot for us in the past. He has played multiple instruments in the band when we have been between musicians etc and really pushed us. But none of it was planned, you know… So as for future collaborations, nothing is planned, but who knows?

Kym: Your full length debut album “Random Noises and Organised Sounds” was long awaited and well received by your fans. How did you translate your renown live stage energy in to the studio and ultimately in to an album?

Sam: We wanted to sound how we do live with maybe a little more. That was the intention. We actually recorded it 3 times. The last effort is the record released. I’m glad it was well received, it did seem to be. The next record will be very special.

Kym: What is the psychedelic music scene like in the UK? Does it have a prominent following or is it more underground?

Sam: Unfortunately, we live out of the cities. We are about 40 miles north of London, so we don’t get sucked into what’s going on all the time. There are some really good bands out there, all over the UK. White Noise Sound, Black Market Karma, The Tamborines…

Kym: The Koolaid Electric Company have made a solid impact on the psychedelic music scene in the United Kingdom. As you continue to grow a fan base worldwide, any plans to tour outside the UK in 2013?

Sam: I’m not entirely certain on how much of an “impact” we have made, but I think we are certainly comfortable with our own views and perceptions of what “impact” we have had. At the moment, we don’t have ANY plans to tour anywhere. I am really desperate to get recording the next record. Maybe during, maybe after, we might go do some shows here and there.

Kym: You’ve created a buzz surrounding the spectacular quality of your live performances and hypnotic, mind-altering stage presence. As a sextet, what do you accredit the group’s palpable chemistry to?

Sam: I don’t see it that way… We have never thought about things like that. It’s a very difficult question to answer. If that’s what it’s like to see us play, then great!

Kym: What are latest projects you are working on and what does the future hold for Koolaid Electric Company?

Sam: Just getting going on the second record is the top priority at the moment. For me, anyways. It will be called “A Beautiful Down”. As I said, it’s going to be very special. On a very personal level, at least. I really hope it will translate well to everyone else.

For more information on the band, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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