02nd May2013

We love Anne and Anne loves you….

by Todd

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Anne resuscitate the spectre of early 4AD and Factory recordings of the 80′s in a way that creates a fresh landscape of beauty and intrigue.  Their new 12″, Dream Punx is one of the best EP’s we’ve heard this year, which led us on a search to find out a bit more about the band.  Revel in the videos, learn a little, but the real treat is the music.

TDOA: Ok, we have to start with the inevitable, “what are you?”. How many people are in the band, what instruments do you play?



David: There are four of us, I(David) play guitar and sing, Brenton plays synth, Adam plays bass and Jared plays drums.



TDOA: We’re sensing a love of the great shoegaze music of the 80′s.  What music do you feel influenced your music?



David: We certainly do employ much of the aesthetic qualities of shoegaze and other 80′s / early 90′s music. I would like to think we speak with our own voice, that is not a direct rip off of that stuff. At least personally, strong song writers really influence me, since that’s what I want. To write great songs.




TDOA: Some bands eschew videos, but with two videos produced for this album, you clearly feel differently.  Can you talk about your thoughts on the “visualization” of your music?



David: I think videos are important these days, YouTube and the various streaming video sites are a place where people go to listen to music. I have no issue with visualizations for our music.  It’s really not something I am super worried about.



TDOA: Is there a theme or message that you’re trying to convey through these videos and the record?



David: The videos do not have any sort of message, the video for “All Your Time”, was inspired by a piece of art we saw at the Modern Art Museum. I just wanted to use the general concept for what the video was, because we all thought it was so great.


As far as a message of the record itself, its hard to say. Some songs are about things that are real in my life, while others are very general ideas that may not relate to anything real. I would like to think that our music is about being who you want and doing what you want. Though it’s much more likely it’s just me complaining about things that bother me.



TDOA: What’s next for the band? Any plans to play elsewhere beyond the northwest?



David: We have a split 12″ coming out next year. I won’t say with who, or on what label yet cause its not announced.   Hopefully we will get out east too and start making plans to do a proper album.



For more information about the band, check them out on Twitter, Facebook or on their website.

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