17th Apr2013

Your New Favorite Band: The Audacity

by Todd

The Audacity

You all know about the Burger Records lo-fi craze that’s sweeping the nation. We’ve expressed our love, many a time for these fun-loving, guitar-based bands who are the last vestiges of that thing called punk rock. The Audacity hail from Fullerton, CA and want you to believe that their sloppy, melody-infused brand of chaos is pure happenstance. But we’re on to their game. While watching them win the hearts of everyone who saw them at SXSW, we saw them effortlessly tossing out Tom Verlaine riffs between songs during a set that was as tight as any we’d seen in years. Todd talked to lead singer Matt about the path they’ve travelled to become the best band that he saw at SXSW. Period.

Todd: I read an interview where you said that band’s been around since 2001. For real. How long have you guys been together?

Matt: That information is correct. However we were making garbage until 2005z

Todd: You guys did a zillion shows at SXSW and you were on the Burger caravan tour. Did you like doing the tour?

Matt: We were around Burger’s caravan during SXSW, however we toured out with Vancouver’s Nu Sensae. We tried not to play a zillion shows so we weren’t brain dead and sounded like garbage.

Todd: What’s the craziest thing that happened on the tour?

Matt: We woke up to bird flying around the room we were sleeping in. But I guess that happens all the time in that room. It’s a positive sign.

Todd: You project an image of being pretty laid-back, but there were a couple of things that made me think you’re pretty serious about what you’re doing. First, right before one of your SXSW shows, you were waiting to start and both guitarists started fooling around with a song that I swear was a Television/Tom Verlaine song. Am I right or did I mis-hear it?

Matt: Correct about us playing Marquee Moon! We project a laid-back image, except we are all pretty uptight. People are having too much fun in music these days. We just seem like we don’t care. Not even practice can make perfect music!

Todd: Also, the band is really tight, live. A lot of bands complained about the SXSW routine of having five minutes to set-up, no soundcheck and then playing for twenty minutes. It didn’t seem to bother you at all. Do you guys rehearse a lot or have you just played together for so long, that these things don’t slow you down?

Matt: Who was complaining? The sound at SXSW was good most of the time. What are you supposed to expect from those types of shows?

Todd: You’re also pretty proficient with social media, Soundcloud, BandCamp, etc.. Does everybody in the band contribute to that or is there one of you that’s the internet mastermind?

Matt: It’s mostly done by me, but everyone has a hand on their iphone. And thank you very much for the compliment – follow @audacityca on instagram and twitter!

Todd: Is Garza Girls a Doublemint Twins 80′s reference? Shot in the dark on this one….

Matt: No, it’s about desk girls at an office supply company. I used to deliver business cards there. They were so friendly, we wrote them a song!

Todd: What was it like, working with Rob Barbato on the last album? Did he offer advice on song arrangement or just focus on getting the sound you wanted?

Matt: He helped with some vocal arrangements on Garza Girls and with the drum style on Persecuted. For the most part he just used his ear and recording equipment.

Todd: One of the things that separates you from bands that have a similar sound is your ability to write great hooks and vocal melodies. When you’re writing, do you usually start with lyrics, vocal melodies or guitars? did I say we were going to keep it light…? ah well…

Matt: Thats a secret.

Todd: What’s next? Any thoughts on when we might see a new album? Taking a break from touring?

Matt: We have a new record that should be out in September. We will be touring this summer. Doing a west coast tour with Man or Astroman? in May. Get ready for it!!

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