08th Jan2013

Love at first listen: Plateaus

by Todd

Ah the treasures that you can find while listening to music. I stumbled up a Colleen Green single a few months ago, which led me to discover that she’d just completed a tour with a band called Plateaus. Assuming that they might sound a bit similar, I tracked the band down on BandCamp. And it was love at first listen! Once again, San Diego has produced another great band that defies genre classification. If you forced me to give you a comparison, I’d tell you that Plateaus sound like The Ramones with a far more chill attitude towards vocal delivery. How do you mix great hooks, punk intensity and still make me feel like I want to go surfing? I asked Chris Rosi to tell us more about his furiously laid back band.

Plateaus “Do It For You” (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) from D&D Productions on Vimeo.

Todd: Every article I read about you, references the San Diego scene. Is there a “scene” where The Soft Pack and all the rest of you are hanging out? Is your sound influenced by other San Diego bands?

Chris: Well, the Soft Pack moved to LA, but yeah all the bands are pretty close-knit. We all surf and party together.

Todd: I found you guys at the same time I found Colleen Green. How did you connect with her and come up with the idea for touring together?

Chris: Our label Art Fag actually put it together. It was a pretty long tour 5 weeks with 2 days off.

Todd: Did you enjoy the experience of being the backing band for her and also playing a Plateaus set? Sounds exhausting…..

Chris: Yeah, it was pretty exhausting playing two sets a night, but we had fun on the road.

Todd: The Do It For You video is one of my favorites of this year. How’d you come up with the concept and can you tell us about the making of the video?

Chris: We asked our friends Dusty Dirtweed of Mushroom Necklace and Derrick Acosta to do the video, they came up with the concept. Dusty hand made all the characters and sets and Derrick handled the stop motion animation. We are all really pleased with the outcome.

Todd: Hooks, hooks, hooks…. Every review of Plateaus talks about hooks. First, are you conscious of the fact that your songs are filled with “hooks” or is it just a song to you?

Chris: Regardless of the genre a lot of music we listen to has a major pop influence. We guess that has found a way into the way we write songs.

Todd: What tends to come first for you guys? The guitar/bass melody, vocal melody or the lyrics?

Chris: It could be any of those. Sometimes we will start with the guitars, other times the vocal melody, then we all come together and work it out.

Todd: Art Fag is a pretty awesome label. How’d you get hooked up with them?

Chris: We have all know Mario for a long time he heard our recordings of the songs on the Beach Coma 7″ and wanted to put them out. We came up with the plan to do a couple of singles and then put out an LP.

Todd: One of the funniest parts of researching you guys is that half the reviews call your music punk and the other half call you surf music. Do you feel a pull towards either classification? And why do music critics feel the need to classify every band into a specific genre?

Chris: We don’t consider ourselves surf at all but we do have punk influences. We don’t want to classify ourselves into any specific sub genre. “It doesn’t matter where you get your appetite as long as you eat at home”. That makes no sense.

Todd: Whats next? The album is out, so can we expect touring? SXSW? Planning on pairing up with another band this tour?

Chris: We had our record release party on Nov 17th. We want to hit the road to support this record, hopefully we will have dates to announce soon. No plans for SXSW as of yet.

For more information, follow the band on Twitter, Facebook and BandCamp.

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