25th Jan2012

Listen and Love: Night Beats

by Todd
Last year we named the Night Beats album as one of our favorite records of the year.  Their mix of psych rock, coupled with a tinge of surf inspiration belies their Seattle via Texas heritage.  Sania talked to the band about their beautiful vision.

TDOA: So you guys are originally from Texas, and transported to Seattle, WA.  How does the music scenes of your respective hometowns differ to that of Seattle? I can hear Texas when I listen to you guys, how has Washington affected your sound?


Tarek: I’m from Seattle, but that just means I stay with friends a couple months out of the year here. And when it gets cold and wet we stay inside and play with instruments until they break and listen to records until they are worn out.


Traeger: I mean everyone wants to get down to rock and roll, Texans or Seattle-ites or whoever.


TDOA: The new LP is out! We really like it, it’s on our Top Albums list, how do you guys feel about it? Thoughts on the final product?


Lee: Thanks, its just the start.


Traeger: We dig it. We did a lot of touring during these recordings and the songs kind of became a sound of that experience. We were playing with some rad bands like The Growlers and Cosmonauts and listening to a lot of weird stuff on the radio like the Christianity Doomsday radio stuff.


Tarek: The shit we don’t like about it is what we didn’t do or lef tout, which is why we have to make another one.


TDOA: What is your writing & recording process like?


All: Different.


TDOA: You’ve released some things on tape format. Why choose to do so? Tape collectors yourselves?


Traeger: Tapes last forever and its cheap and it’s 1991. And Burger Records rules.


Tarek: I have a Sony Walkman, man. No one wants to break into my zone and steal it and if they do I’ll get another one for a dollar.


Lee: Tapes are like grapes, they age with time. dawg-bro
TDOA: You guys have shared the stage with many killer bands like The Black Angels, The Black Lips, and a lot of other really great bands that don’t have black in the name like The Raveonettes, and Mark Sultan. What have you walked away learning from these artists? Who’s the most fun to tour with?


Traeger: Ah everyone’s great man; the Lips, Angels, or whoever. We’ve been lucky like that.


Tarek: It’s a fantastic feeling to play with another group so much that the two bands begin to merge the energy coming out of people’s eyes/fingers and it’s the way it should be. We are gay about jamming.


D Lee: Lips were the most fun, but its been cool to see other artists approach.


TDOA: What are you listening to? Give us like a little itty bitty mini playlist.


Tarek: Allah Las, Cosmonauts, Lantern, Outkast, Shapes Have Fangs, the sea-ders (lebanon ’65), Buddy, Dolly, Ty, Skip… All The greats…
TDOA: I saw you guys at Austin Psych Fest this year, it was an amazing time, like my iPod came to life in some kind of creepy, awesome dream sequence.  How was that for you guys?  Coming back around for round 5 this year?


Traeger: Ah man, this past year at the Power Plant was wild.  They’ve turned that weekend into the coolest festival of the year. Three days of rad vibes.


Tarek: Even if we don’t play Psych Fest, we will always be hangin’ out, rolling cigarettes for the performers or shining shoes outside.  That’s where the big bucks are at.  Don’t get hip on that it’s just for us.

D Lee: Yea, we’ll be there.


TDOA: Tell us a little bit about UFO club, Lee & Christian Bland of Black Angels. How did that start?


Traeger: Christian and I had played a show together in Austin and kinda just kept hanging out that weekend. We kept in touch over the next few months and I just realized how natural it was when we jammed, so we decided to mess around for a couple days in the studio and record it.  The record is natural, unclean, and fun.


TDOA: So I saw in an interview you guys did with Seattle Weekly that your van got broken into, and some guitars stolen, including a handmade bass. It also mentioned that if you caught the culprit, you were going to make rad leather jackets from their skins. Any update on that situation?


Traeger: We never caught him, but we’re still gonna do that.  Yeah.

Tarek: I still don’t have my human leather or bass.


TDOA: So what can we expect next from The Night Beats?


D Lee: Our own custom magic card collection and maybe some music.


Tarek: 2012 world tour, a collection of rare vinyl and hand knit merch made from our pubic hairs.


For more information about the band visit their Facebook page.

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