11th Jul2011

Wake me up! It’s Sun Glitters!

by Todd

I’ll be honest. Guitar-based rock has driven me into a deep funk. I’ve always been afraid of becoming one of those guys who said, “They don’t make music like they used to”. While I tend to think that Thom Yorke has gone too far, I agree with his basic premise: much of what dominates the “alternative” music world is the same gimmick-filed dance rock that was popular in the 80′s. I desperately needed something to shake me out of this coma, which made the discovery of Sun Glitters a life changing moment. The bliss-centric electronic genius of Victor Ferreira has created soundscapes that numb me in a way that chills my soul. Hailing from Luxemborg, Victor talked to TDOA writer Margot about his music.

b e s i d e m e by Sun Glitters

TDOA: Sun Glitters has become a favorite of mine and other people around the world, including some bands & artists like Papercutz & Blackbird Blackbird (so much that they remixed your work). What does it feel like to have the fan base you have at such an early time in your career? Have you met any of the bands that remixed your work?

VF: Glad you like my music! Yes, It’s incredible and wonderful at the same, what’s happening with Sun Glitters. The first day I uploaded my self released album on Bandcamp I got some feedback and after a week my album was listened to 500 times, so I was surprised about that! I never thought that something would be happen so fast! I met Papercutz in Portugal when I played at the Naice Festival in Porto. They are really great people! Hope to meet the others one day too.

TDOA: I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing your set live yet (and i’m sure it’s sick as hell), so what equipment can your listeners look forward to?

VF: Currently I’m playing with a laptop running Ableton Live 8 and play around with samples and effects on an Akai APC20 and accompanied by projections…

TDOA: Are there any music festivals that Sun Glitters will be performing at that people need to know about?? I’m unsure whether or not you did SXSW this year, but I had a blast. Did you go?

VF: I will play a festival in September at the Fuse in Belgium (Brussels) and a European tour is still in process for November. About the SXSW, no I wasn’t there, but who knows, maybe next year.

TDOA: Cosmic Oceans is one of my favorite tracks of all time. I totally dig what you’re doing and my ears have been having a love affair with Steffaloo for a bit. How was working with him?

VF: She’s a great artist and very talented! My ears also have been in love as I heard her singing on Blackbird Blackbird songs! After being in contact with her she don’t hesitate and said yes about collaborating together on a track. The result was so good and the feedback was too so we decided to collaborate more in the future!

C o s m i c o c e a n s (feat.Steffaloo) by Sun Glitters

TDOA: What big things can we expect from Sun Glitters here in the near future?

VF: Playing, touring and still continue releasing great tunes! ;)

TDOA: Sun Glitters has been blowin’ up on the interwebs as of late. What do you have to say to all the bloggers out there who are sharing your beats with the world?

VF: All I can say is that I will never forget what they do for me so far. I’m so thankful to them!!! Without their help I would never be here answering your questions!
Such blogs are very important to me!!! Generally these blogs are real music lovers and would be sincere to you and your music! That’s why I love them a lot.
Thanks to you all!!!

TDOA: Being up and coming…packin’ houses and what not…tell me about some of your favorite performances! Those are always some of the best stories.

VF: It’s too early to mention which one is my favorite just because I only played a few… But what I can say about my first big experience is that I enjoyed and had a great time with my 2 shows in Portugal (Porto & Coimbra)!

TDOA: I could never “give” Sun Glitters a genre or put you in one…but lets say you have to make something up…it doesn’t even have to make sense…what would you “give” yourself?

VF: To me It’s a kind of post-dubstep mix with shoegazing and dreampop…

TDOA: Aside from who’ve you worked with and who you plan on working with in the future, who is someone you think would be fun to work with, but also very unlike what you already do?

VF: I had always a dream… It was to collaborate with Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine! But of course there are currently some other names like Burial, Balam Acab, Holy Other among lots of others!!!

Sun Glitters – Love Me (:papercutz Remix) from :papercutz on Vimeo.

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