20th Jun2011

Get In Line For: Creepoid

by Todd

Creepoid is another one of those buzz-worthy local bands crawling out from basements of homes/makeshift practice spaces/recording studios lately in Philly. On their debut EP Yellow Life Giver, they use a reel-to-reel tape machine circa ’56 to help document their evolution. Yes, they are another lo-fi act flooding the indie music landscape, but Creepoid’s raw, gritty production perfectly compliments these four eerily engaging tracks. They open the album with “Rotten Tooth” which is filled with the spirit of Kurt Cobain and that 90’s Grunge angst all heroined out. In “Pink Tag Sale”, you’ll experience a dreamy Left Coast vibe that feels like it was written around a campfire in the lonely desert night. It’s in that Mazzy Star vein that haunts our subconscious. You’ll also find Creepoid putting on their dreary Brit-pop/post punk masks in “See-Through” before closing with their experiment in minimalism “Magic Drum”. The four-song EP is a tease. You can’t help but wonder what these guys and gal have in store for us next. Margot talked to the band and explored their vision.

TDOA: Your new album Horse Haven is really damn good, and it’s hard to believe that you’re a pretty young band, and by that I mean from what I’ve read you guys as a band are almost 2 years old. So how did you guys find each other and where did the band name Creepoid come from?

Pete: We’ve only been playing together as a band for roughly a little over a year now, but a few of us in the band have known each other for about 10-15 years and have played in a couple of bands together since high school. The name Creepoid is from an obscure early 1940’s silent French film.

TDOA: I definitely have a lot of favorites on your new album, Horse Heaven. One that I really love is Emily…who is the primary writer…or is it evenly distributed?

Pete: Sean wrote pretty much the whole song, save for the drum part and the slide guitar.

TDOA: You guys are originally from Texas right? Why the move up east? The winter there…if you’ve ever experienced it has to be a big change…right?

Pete: No, we were all born in Pennsylvania and live in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Pat and I did live in Austin for a few years back in 2006.

TDOA: I kind of have a mad obsession with Batman and I ask this every now and then, and since the first 3 questions were all business…lets make like a mullet and party a little bit…what would you see is the best and worst Batman movie so far?

Pete: I will always think that Batman with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson is the best one, but I did enjoy the two newest movies. I’m pretty sure that no one would disagree that the worst Batman movie is Batman and Robin. Forever sucked too.

TDOA: I love knowing what inspired bands to write what they wrote so please tell me if any…what/who were your inspirations for Horse Heaven?

Pete: We blame the weather.

TDOA: This one is for Pat…I used to live with two boys and it was really stinky…like all the time. How the hell does one girl tour with 3 boys?

Pat: In style.

TDOA: I know you guys were at SXSW and though I had a ton of fun…how about you guys? Did it make ya miss Austin, TX or glad to not be there as a resident this year ?

Pete: We had a lot of fun. We played 8 shows in the 4 days that we were down there. Being there made me miss living there in a small way. Seeing a lot of old friends and places you used to hang out.

TDOA: What is next for you guys? Is there a tour that people need to know about or an EP that is in the near future?

Pete: We just finished a session for www.biguglyyellowcouch.com, we’ll be touring this summer with Nothing, who are our buddies from philly. Should have another EP coming out in the next couple of months. I believe we’re also doing a session for “shaking through” for weathervanemusic.org, which will feature a new track. Tour dates and more info available on our website www.creepoid.com

TDOA: What would you say has been the best way to spread the word about your music…(twitter, bandcamp, soundcloud, etc.)?

Pete: Pat Troxell.

TDOA: I really hope I get to see you live sometime soon…do you think you’ll be playing a show in Dallas, TX anytime soon or anywhere near it?

Pete: Not sure what the future holds in store for us, but if not this year, then we’ll be back in atx for sxsw next year.

To learn more about the band, follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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