15th Apr2011

Get In Line For: Those Darlins’

by Todd

Those Darlins are a garage country band from Murfreesboro, TN. The ladies went live in 2006 and attracted immediate attention for their rowdy, cheerfully sarcastic, and sometimes boozed-fueled show, and for their unique interplay of distinct personalities. While considered to be the next big thing associated to Nashville’s rock scene, Those Darlins’ curious mix of classic country and ragged garage rock makes them one of a kind, eliciting comparisons like, “The Carter Family meets The Black Lips.
Meet the newest addition to the TDOA staff, Margot. Singer, writer and drummer Linwood Regensburg talked. Margot listened. Enjoy.

Thanks to our friends from Rdio.com, you can listen to the latest from Those Darlins while you read the interview!

TDOA: “Let You Down” was kinda the inspiration for my desire to interview y’all…. So let’s start with that…inspiration. Where did the inspiration come from for your new album, Screws Get Loose?

LR: These songs are just what we we’re living at the time. Every song happened. Even Mystic Mind is real.

TDOA: I have so many favorite tracks on both albums…especially on Screws Get Loose. What are your favorites?

LR: Waste Away and Mystic Mind are up there for me. Both ends of the spectrum.

TDOA: I noticed that throughout Screws Get Loose the tracks are really relatable for your fans or really to everyone…just like “Be Your Bro”…was that something that was tried or has that always just been the way it is?

LR: Anytime you’re writing about your own life, people are going to relate. In a sense, everyone’s living the same life. Everybody’s gotta eat and love and be alone and have birthdays and all that. Of course it’s nice to know other people feel the same as you do and vice versa.

TDOA: I’m from West Texas, and I’m pretty sure that’s why I often long for some type of country music, and after seeing you guys open for The Soft Pack earlier this year I was hooked. I personally think you do a great job with letting both garage and country coexist on one stage. Do you consider your music more garage or country or a perfect combo?

LR: It is what it is. Theres always a hint of country in rock and roll and rock and roll in country, and once its in your blood you can’t shake it. We’re definitely not aiming towards being solely one or the other, what’s the point in that?

TDOA: Had you guys been to Dallas before coming to play with The Soft Pack? If so what are your thoughts about city? Was it a warm welcome?

LR: We’ve played a few times before that, as well as the Bro Fest in 2010. I think it snowed that day so no one was really there, but they missed an incredible lineup with Dum Dum Girls, Frankie Rose, Soft Pack, Woven Bones, all inside of the Double Wide bar, felt more like a house show….Our most recent gig in Dallas with our now dear friends, the Old 97s, was fantastic. Can’t wait to get back……..

TDOA: We did an interview with a musician who said, you spend your whole life writing the songs that appear on your first album, and then you’re expected to write your second album in a year. How did you experience the writing of the new album?

LR: A lot of people say that. We had a break in the summer, thats really when a lot of these songs popped out. A few of them were written a week before we went into the studio. There’s definitely less time to write and rehearse when on tour, and we toured tons between the first record and Screws. You just get to it when you can and then sometimes when you have to.

TDOA: With the new album out I know you guys are on the road a lot…what are you listening to while pounding the pavement?

LR: Been wearing out the Sundazed “My, Goodness Yes” compilation, King Tuff, Althea and Donna…you know the song “Uptown Top Ranking”??? “Slip Away” by Clarence Carter is another one.

TDOA: I caught you guys briefly during SXSW and I would have stayed for the entire set, but parking was a real pain in the ass and I was afraid to get towed (a noob move I know) but luckily I had plenty of drinks in me to keep me content. What was your drink of choice during SXSW & which bands were on your list to catch?

LR: We we’re only in Austin for about 10 hours actually, fairly limiting my good times to two locations. Gotta say thanks to Rachel Ray for the Blue Moons and cornhole. Only acts I got to see were Edward Sharpe and Caitlin Rose who were playing the same showcases we were.

TDOA: Screws Get Loose for me is definitely an album that is easy to listen to over and over…do you find yourself doing that to any albums released this year? I’ve been really into “Tomorrow is Alright” by Sonny and the Sunsets though thats 2010, so I guess i’m a bit behind. Really looking forward to hearing the new Black Lips and Jacuzzi Boys releases this year.

TDOA: Who wears the pants in the band…or do you guys share the pants…my sister and I were generally the same size for a long time so lucky for my mom we got to share :

LR: What kind of pants are we talking about here?

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Check the band out on tour!

APR 16- Mercury Lounge- Goleta, CA
APR 17- Alex’s Bar- Long Beach, CA
APR 18- Soda Bar- San Diego, CA
APR 19- The Satellite- Los Angeles, CA
APR 20- Club Congress- Tucson, AZ
APR 22- Rubber Gloves- Denton, Texas
APR 23- The Mohawk- Austin, TX
APR 30- Mercy Lounge- Nashville, TN

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