21st Jan2011

Is it love or just lust? Fences

by Todd

Once upon a time, I went on a blind date. Despite my trepidation at being set up, I agreed to meet this mystery women in hopes of finding my “soul mate”. When she walked in, I was overwhelmed by her beauty. You can imagine my disappointment when she opened her mouth to reveal a vast space of emptiness. There was nothing beneath the surface of this beauty. As much as I tried to draw her out and get her to prove that there was substance beneath the tenderness of her smile, it was of no use. I quickly excused myself and never returned. But I still remember her beauty and the image remains with me.

TDOA: I really like the very chill, folky sound that I hear in your songs. Where does that come from?

Chris Mansfield: I was basically born to be nervous. I have a terrible amount of energy. Never have I felt chill. Perhaps I am chilling out via that train beat.

TDOA: Your lyrics are very reminiscent of storylines – where do they come from?

CM: I always wanted to be a writer. Stuck up in an attic with an old typewriter and a dog. I would probably neglect my wife.

TDOA: “Girls With Accents” is a really great song. Can you talk a little about it?

CM: It’s just a snappy pop song. The over-use of profanity was a ploy to avoid radio.

TDOA: Your genre on Myspace is “Grime/Pop/Shoegaze.” I’m not sure I hear much grime in this album – where’s it at?

CM: I just like the sound of that word.

TDOA: How is touring? What’s it like touring with Against Me!?

CM: We start with Against Me! tomorrow. Touring is work. I have never, ever taken it for granted.

TDOA: I love the album cover – who designed the art, and what’s the story?

CM: It’s a photo of a friend on new years eve. Designed by Jenna Derosa. To me the album sounds cold and drunken but also sparkly and optimistic. Just like New Years Eve.

TDOA: Can you talk some about the wolf mask? What were you trying to create/do with it?

CM: They were a prop in a music video that we ended up scrapping.

TDOA: I think I need one of those Fences t-shirts – what’s the upside down church all about?

CM: It was an accident. A mix up at the printers.

TDOA: If you could tell our readers one thing about this album, what would it be?

CM: I am really proud of it and had a wonderful time making it.

TDOA: When I saw a photo of you, I definitely anticipated a different person, but I love all your tattoos. Do they have some kind of collective meaning? (If not, just talk about them. I could listen to tattoo talk forever.)

CM: ….

TDOA: I’m going to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back….

2 Responses to “Is it love or just lust? Fences”

  • Elliot

    HA! The interviewer sounds like a bit of an idiot. I dont think its even possible to have so much ink-work with a single combined meaning. And its quite personal to expect him to start telling you all about what they all mean. Id probably give the same reaction as he did thinking ‘how rude’. Chris your a ledgend.

  • admin

    It’s spelled, “legend”, genius….

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