20th Dec2010

Your New Favorite Band: Tada Tátà’s

by Todd

Here’s a sentence you probably didn’t plan on reading today. Tada Tátà: A two girl indie pop group from Umeå that uses ukulele and melodica and simple synthy beats to create their poetic indie pop. This is about as charming as music gets. Tanja from Tada Tátà talked to us about being yet another amazing band from Sweden (seriously, when are we opening an office there…..?). Written by Amy.

TDOA: I’ve tried to find an explanation of Tada Tátà, to no avail. What does it mean?

T: “Ta-da” is that universal(?) word that you use when you show something to someone. Tátà is my nickname from when I was a kid, my family still call me that.

TDOA: What elements of Swedish music do you think are most important to your sound?

T: I don’t feel very Swedish, nor do I listen to Swedish music that much except for good oldies. I did discover Radio Department this year who I am very fond of but tada tátà doesn’t really sound like them, I guess. Another band called Kids of the Ranch might have had an input with their lo-fi sound, you never know.

TDOA: On that note, who in Sweden do you think is making really great music?

T: A guy who calls himself 1900 has made one of the greatest records I know, TAPE do great things, Little Big Adventure is the best, and Detektivbyrån who just split up. And Kids of the Ranch. Everyone else in tada tátà really like Håkan Hellström and indie-bands from Sweden but I don’t really get it and I’m very bad at keeping track of new music.

TDOA: How has the project evolved over the years, and how significantly does the vision change when musicians are added and subtracted?

T: Up until a week ago I’ve sort of said that tada tátà no longer exists because we have had 14 cancelled shows this year. Now we changed our minds about that, we just got a nice rehearsal-space and might release some songs later this year. It all started in 2008, just me and Jessica. Since then I moved 3 times = 3 different cities, that’s why so many different people have played with us. A geographical conveniency. The vision never really change(if there is an actual vision), new people and minds are always welcomed in tada tátà.

TDOA: Somewhat ironically, there’s an ad for an ADHD medication on your page. What is your creative process like?

T: Fredrik who plays the accordion can be very hyperactive sometimes but I don’t think he has got ADHD. Didn’t really know about the ad.
The process has mostly been like: I make a song then I play and hum it for the others, then they add with harmonies and/ or ideas and sounds. But now we are all going to be more active in the writing-process. Cause I am too tired to play and write everything myself since I work so much. Lately it has happend several times that I’ve fallen asleep, sitting down in my sofa with the guitar in my arms.

TDOA: I read that you currently work with glockenspiels, toy pianos, cello, drums – are there any instruments that you favor? Any that you’d like to try out?

T: Fredrik just bought an omni-chord which is a quite fun thing. I really like the cello, so I guess that’s what I favor. It would be nice if someone could play clarinet, bassoon or tuba with us, or double-bass.

TDOA: What are your live shows like? Does the band lineup change from show to show?

T: Sometimes it’s just me and Jessica with a backtrack but mostly we are about 4-5 people. Guitar, cello, uke, glockenspiel, accordion, casio and drums. I usually just play the guitar or mandolin and the others are so multi-talented so they swop instruments during the show. Every show is mostly different from the other, it’s more fun and since everyone lives here and there, the ones who are available come to the show and play.

TDOA: Do you have any other projects lined up?

T: Almost everyone who plays or played in tada tátà has got their own musical project. I’ve been in some other projects as well, making some film music and music for choreography. My next project is that I’m going to play the piano in a nice old mans 2-hand shop’s basement. tada tátà’s next project is to record an album, at least that’s the plan.

TDOA: What other pop bands do you draw influence from, and who do you think we should be listening to?

T: I don’t listen that much to pop nowadays apart from the ones mentioned before. I do like Arcade Fire though. I guess I’m sometimes influenced by WHY?’s lyrics and sounds and the feeling of Múm and Efterklang. But I don’t know if that ever get’s transferred into tada tátà. Or does it?

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