10th Dec2010

Get In Line For: Dark Horses

by Todd

Sometimes cryptic can by annoying. But if the music is incredible and the video blows your mind, cryptic makes you desperate for more. Dark Horses are a new band from England, shrouded in mystery and buzz. If we were to pick a band, “most likely to…” in 2011, this would be it. Their debut single, Alone, is one of our favorite songs of 2010. TDOA writer Sania tried to scratch the surface behind one of this year’s most enigmatic bands.

TDOA: How did you all meet and start making music together?

DH; A random and yet destined journey of circumstance and desire.

TDOA: What is the story behind the band logo? It is quite interesting.

DH: We feel that Dark Horses is not just a sound but also a space, a realm, a zone. Something ancient but also newborn.

TDOA: The band hand-decorated the “Alone” 7-inch cover art? What was that process like? A whole lot of stained fingers?

DH: Bonding, toxic and satisfying. We hope you enjoy touching, smelling and playing them, good to have some of our sounds to hold.

TDOA: The video for ‘Alone’ is amazing! Did the band have a part in the creative process or putting together of this film? What do you think of the finished product?

DH: Photographer Ali Tollervey along with film director Pier Angelique are the eyes of the group, they travel with us and make Dark Horses a further creative adventure. Their vision is integral to our existence. Glad you appreciate this.

TDOA: I also love the intro films you have posted on Youtube introducing each of you, who put these together?

DH: Again director Pier Angelique. It’s sometimes hard to express how personal and human this craft can be, he has managed to capture an honesty and at the same time a mystery in the ‘horses’.

TDOA: When listening to your music, it sounds past, present, and futuristic all at once. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never experienced it before, considering all it encompasses?

DH: Red and green with leather flashes, go listen…

TDOA: There is a lot happening on stage both visually and aurally at your shows, what does the energy feel like at typical Dark Horses show?

DH: Five men, one woman who are for that moment doing exactly what they were meant to do where they were meant to do it. No distractions, no time passing, beauty in the dark.

TDOA: The band has shared the stage with many an amazing name so far, including two bands that are nearest and dearest to my heart, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and A Place to Bury Strangers. What do you think of these artist’s music? Did you enjoy witnessing their live shows?

DH: Very much, hey both have an uncompromising commitment, a joy to experience up close and personal

TDOA: Your media campaign fascinates us, because you seem to be reaching a lot of key people without having anything out yet. Who is orchestrating your marketing campaign and to what extent does the band get involved in the “business” of music?

DH: Our ‘business’ is all about precision with abandon.

TDOA: The band has been working with Richard Fearless of Death in Vegas on putting together the full length LP at Key Club studios, what is it like working with him? When can we expect a full-length?

DH: Richard has a calm and subtle style, requiring patience and trust but reaps great rewards. Key Club studios is the perfect music making home for us, we plan to return for final mixing. The autumn of 2o11 is a good time X

For more information about the band follow them on Facebook or visit their website: http://www.darkhorsesmusic.com
Download their debut single via iTunes
In the U.S.
Alone - Dark Horses

and the U.K.
Alone - Dark Horses

As part of the marketing of the band, they have released a series of one-minute videos. Here are a few of those videos.

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