12th Nov2010

History Lesson: The Dandy Warhols

by Todd

Since 1995, The Dandy Warhols have been one of the greatest bands at writing incredible hooks, producing hit singles like Bohemian Like You and We Used To Be Friends. With the release of The Capitol Years 1995-2007, the evidence of their impact on alternative rock has been perfectly packaged on one record. Drummer/backup vocalist Brent DeBoer took some time on the phone with Todd to talk about the album and their current tour.

TDOA: Who made the decision to put out The Capital Years compilation?

BD: Capital owns the rights to all those songs and they called us up and told us they were planning to do it. We were totally involved in the process, so it turned out great. The selection of the songs was pretty obvious, because it was mostly the singles. They remastered it and I love the way it sounds.

TDOA: How did the remastering change your perception of the sound?

BD: There were just pieces within the songs that I hadn’t noticed before. The bass and the treble are boosted up, so it’s easier to pick out things like a guitar part that sounds all sparkly now and follow it all the way through the song.

TDOA: Sometimes these compilations bother me, because you’re taking songs that were intended to be in a certain sequence within an album and putting them out of context with songs that were released years apart. All of these songs were singles, so it works for this package, but did you worry about it as the album was put together?

BD: I know exactly what you mean, but as you said, they were mostly singles, so it still works. I might have changed the track order on a couple of things, but it’s not a big deal. And it’s fun to listen to how Courtney’s voice has changed over the years.

TDOA: Are you guys primarily playing this album on the current tour?

BD: These are songs that we always played live, so it’s not really different. Although we really hadn’t played Scientist or Plan A in a while, so those are kind of new. We’ve always played a different set every night, so it’s pretty spontaneous. When people yell out songs, sometimes we’ll just go right into that song. It keeps it exciting.

TDOA: I was going to ask you about that. You’ve been together for a while. How do you keep from getting bogged down by the “business” of music, doing interviews, touring, etc.?

BD: We’ve gotten to know each other so well. We stay out of each others way when we need to. We also surround ourselves with really positive people. We weeded out the people in the crew that were bummers, so that all we have left are the gifted, talented people.
When we play live, we change the setlist, change the lighting, we just feed off of our audience.

TDOA: Once you’re done with this tour, what are The Dandy Warhols going to do next? Record?

BD: We’ve already started working on a new album and it’s about 10% done. We’ll go into the studio during the break between the east coast and west coast tours and then we’ll do something after. I live in Australia now, so I’ll fly back at some point and we’ll get it done.

See them live!
Nov 13 Granada Theater Dallas, TX
Nov 14 La Zona Rosa Austin, TX
Dec 1 Sugar Night Club Victoria, BC, CANADA
Dec 2 Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Dec 4 Showbox at the Market Seattle, WA
Dec 7 Belly Up Tavern Solano Beach, California
Dec 8 Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV
Dec 10 CLUB NOKIA Los Angeles, CA
Dec 11 Regency Ballroom San Francisco, CA
Dec 12 Crystal Ballroom Portland, Or

Purchase The Capital Years on iTunes!
In the U.S.
The Capitol Years: 1995-2007 – The Dandy Warhols

And the U.K.
The Best of the Capitol Years (1995-2007) – The Dandy Warhols

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