13th Sep2010

Get In Line For: Harlem

by Amy M

The point of doing interviews is to help you learn more about the bands that we love. 99% of the time, that means detailed descriptions about the songwriting process, the travails of the music business and what the vision of their music is. So should we print an interview with a band who’s made one of our favorite albums, even though there responses seem to beg for a cheesy laugh track? Yep. Because some of the lines are genuinely funny and because they tell you everything you need to know about the band. TDOA writer Amy does her best to play straight man to Michael Coomers. Mission accomplished.

TDOA: “Hippies” is getting a lot of good press and many rumblings of “This is going to be on every top 20 of the year list.” How do you avoid getting trapped in the hype machine and just keep making good music?

We left a trail of bread crumbs back to morontown

TDOA: How did Matador approach you and how have they been to work with? Obviously you’re not going to trash them (and we heart them too), but I wonder what concerns you had joining a label that’s fairly big.

We were mostly concerned with their team jacob/ team edward leanings.

TDOA: Gerard has made it pretty obvious that they think Austin is the greatest city for music in the world. Do you think this proclamation has had any impact on Austin? Are a bunch of poseur bands from other cities going to start moving down to try and become the next…. Nirvana as happened in Seattle during the Sub Pop explosion?

We are one of those poseur bands. It already happened.

TDOA: MySpace says you only listen to Nirvana. (Smells Like Teen Spirit, more specifically.) Assuming this was facetious, who do you count among your top influences?

I didn’t know that’s how you spell facetious. I pronounced it fasityous to the car.

TDOA: Is the album title a reflection of your lifestyle, or the lifestyles of your listeners?

Fantasies of our detractors

TDOA: A few of the reviews we’ve read seem obsessed with deciphering your lyrics. Do you care if people get the metaphors and understand every word?

Mumble mumble trickling waterfall mumble

TDOA: You’ve done several videos now. Do you enjoy making them and how involved in the process do you get?

Yes we love the movies and being actors

TDOA: You all are touring with The Dead Weather for a lot of the summer – what do you hope to learn from them?

How to cut like a buffalo.

TDOA: I’ve heard lots of comparisons with you guys and The Black Keys, The Pixies, and other big acts. Do you feel like you’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill, or are you guys blazing your own way?

Definitely blazing all the time.

TDOA: I want to learn more about the band dynamic. Some reviews I’ve read mentioned that you all share responsibilities – writing, singing, playing, drumming. What are your respective roles, or is it a constant blur of changing instruments?

The other two in the band said “write its musical chairs but put musical in quotation marks” I don’t know.

See ‘em live:
Sep 14 2010 The End Nashville, TN
Sep 15 2010 Hi-Tone Cafe Memphis, TN
Sep 16 2010 Sticky Fingerz Chicken Shack Little Rock, AR
Sep 17 2010 The Nightmare Dallas, TX
Oct 1 2010 Matador 21 – The Palms Las Vegas, NV

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