06th Sep2010

Your New Favorite Band: Hooray For Earth

by Amy M

Hip. Trendy. Fashion-conscious. Scenesters. Hailing from New York City, you might assume that Hooray For Earth has to fit into the round hole that every other band in the city is asked to fill. But like all of our favorite square pegs, they blaze their own trail into your heart. Even better, I’m not sure there’s an easy way to describe their music other than to say they take great melodies and prefer to sooth your eardrums, rather than bash them in. Listen. Learn. Enjoy, while Noel Heroux talks about the band.

TDOA: I want to talk a little about the Surrounded By Your Friends video – where did the idea come from, and why the puppets?!

NH: Johnny Woods (director) found Leslie Rodgers (puppeteer) and put together this idea – shot in one afternoon with some friends helping out. The idea was to capture the uplifting vibe but keep it within the realm of the unknown.

TDOA: Why make the move from Boston to Brooklyn? Is the scene in Beantown lacking, or what?

NH: Actually Hooray For Earth functions centrally in Manhattan (although, of course Brooklyn is frequented). Boston wasn’t working for me (Noel) for a large number of reasons – I was traveling between the two cities for years until one day I just stayed (in NYC) for good.

TDOA:I find most synth-pop to lack the cool, feel good vibe that you hear in your sound. What do you think contributes most to that feel good vibe?

NH: The music comes from an anxiety-ridden but overall positively charged place. i’m always looking to create an exciting and vivid environment in music, hoping it’s easy for people to find that place when listening.

TDOA: I’ve seen the word “schizophrenic” used to describe your sound more than once – do you agree, and why do you think people use
that word?

NH: The EP is a six-song collection of different feelings expressed musically and they don’t necessarily have everything in common sonically. Skipping around between tracks I suppose it could seem odd, but if you listen from start to finish it’s not so “schizophrenic”. Honestly I think using that word can be a lazy way to describe music – like songs on the same record are supposed to all sound the same same same. And besides, its an EP, intended to tell a short, intense story. Who knows.

TDOA: Do you do much experimenting with the sound? How do you think it works out?

NH: Yeah I probably spend more time by myself droning out on noise than I should. But yes it’s always nice to explore sound, so there’s not too much rigidity to the process of recording. I like recording 1st takes of things and keeping it – in the digital world of recording I feel like too much “real-ness” is lost!

TDOA: I find your sound to be very beachy and breezy. How does that come out of the hustle and bustle of the big city?

NH: Beach-y I wouldn’t expect, but breezy works for me. Like, fall-breezy? I love fall. The city is a disaster, I don’t feel like much of the sound or vibe comes from the city, but lyrically it’s influential. Being surrounded by your average insane-person (everyone) and having nowhere to go to be alone – it definitely creates a feeling of anxiety, but also togetherness in a weird way. People are fucking nuts, its endlessly amusing and terrifying.

TDOA: Putting you on the spot: What are you listening to right now? Make us a mini-Hooray For Earth-playlist.

NH: We’re listening to XTC in the van right now which makes it near impossible to mentally create a playlist…

TDOA: What quality do you think the vocals add to your sound?

NH: Poor quality? Haha sorry I can’t resist a lame joke. The vocals are intended to be part of the music rather than on top or “featured”, sonically and even lyrically. With the exception of a few songs here and there I rarely get too overtly specific with lyrics.

TDOA: Rolling/Nectarine is a quality, quality song. I especially like the random sounds throughout the track. What’s the inspiration? Were you prepared for this to become a hipster anthem?

NH: Glad you like it so. When i wrote it there was a feeling of vague urgency – we wanted to make it sound open and vast, but also dense and anthemic simultaneously. Apocalypse dance jam.

TDOA: One more about Rolling/Nectarine: Why did you choose this song to be last on the EP?

NH: Just felt like a closer.

TDOA: Finally, when can we expect a full-length album? What should we expect?

NH: Working on it right now, no details available really but there is a very intentional sound and feel for the LP – really looking forward to
killing some speakers with it.

To learn more about the band, visit them at http://hoorayforearth.net

Tour Dates:
09/20 – Louisville, KY @ The Vernon Club ^
09/21 – St. Louis, MO @ Cicero’s ^
09/22 – Little Rock, AR @ Juanita’s Cantina Ballroom ^
09/23 – Houston, TX @ Bronze Peacock @ HOB ^
09/24 – Austin, TX @ Independent at 501 Studios ^
09/25 – Frisco, TX @ Oysterfest (Lochronn’s Irish Pub) ^$
09/28 – San Diego, CA @ The Loft (UCSD) #
09/30 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo #
10/02 – San Francisco, CA @ Bottom Of The Hill #
10/04 – Portland, OR@ Mississippi Studios #
10/05 – Seattle, WA @ High Dive #
10/07 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court #
10/08 – Denver, CO @ Hi Dive #
10/09 – Omaha, NE @ Slowdown #

* w/ Admiral Radley
^ w/ Jukebox The Ghost, Via Audio
$ w/ Efterklang, Bowerbirds, Buke and Gass
# w/ Jukebox The Ghost, AB & The Sea

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