01st Sep2010

Your New Favourite Band: Twin Shadow

by Amy M

George Lewis Jr. can’t help it. He just wants to make beautiful music. It’s not his fault that Pitchfork has placed the weight of a buzz band tag on him. He can’t be held responsible for the fact that his new album has been compared to the works of such heavyweights as Echo and the Bunnymen, The Police and Morrissey. You can’t criticize him when, upon questioning, he isn’t familiar with OMD or the New Romantic era of the 80′s. Dude just wants to make great music and his first album “Forget” is a downright masterpiece. This is not just another New York City buzz-band preparing to be devoured by the indie snob lions. TDOA writer Amy and editor Todd tried to get George Lewis Jr to buckle under the pressure, to reveal the inner workings of his evil genius. Instead we got a nice guy who’s made a good record that he wants to do the talking for him. We’re on board. Join us on the proverbial Enola Gay as we join George in dropping a bomb on the indie rock snobs will attempt to define him. We are so in love with him.

TDOA: What was it like working with Christopher Taylor? What do you think his influence brought to the record?

TS: Working with Chris was a deep experience, we worked very closely in a cold church and chiseled away at the great mess of a record I had made in my bedroom. He is patient and kind, and will take you to his home and make you the most unbelievable food you’ve every eaten in your life. Chris brought openness to my record. Before I brought him my finished demos they where very tuff!! sounding, very muscly and Chris really stretched them out and let them breath while also retaining the vibe of my bedroom recordings..

TDOA: Feel free to tell me that I’m wrong, but vocally I hear a Morrissey influence. Truth or fiction?

TS: Why not… I love the Smiths and one of the first CDs I ever bought with my own money was “Bona Drag”… But I have to say listing him as a vocal influence is not true, It comes out the way it just wants to come out, I have always wanted to sing more like the great nasally singers but I just don’t sound like that. When I was super into Fugazi I wanted to sound like Guy Picciotto and ended up sounding more like Ian Mackay… what can you do ooo.?

TDOA: I really like the idea of offering your album for super-cheap, just so new people can get interested. What motivated you to do that?

TS: It was a group desicion (manager, me, the guys at Terrible) We want people to get into the Music as soon as possible without a price tag dictating whether they will buy/steal it. We are nice guys too

TDOA: In the past year or so, there seems to have been a revival of the New Romantic style that bands like Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark perfected. Were you influenced by those bands?

TS: I wish I knew who they are (I’ll check them out), I don’t know if I am comfortable with the term “New Romantic” it seems too lazy… and romance for the most part is not a lazy endeavor. I am influenced by lots of music not just one type

TDOA: What made you choose Twin Shadow as a moniker? It’s very interesting, so I’m curious to learn the meaning.

TS: Motorcycles, Twins, Old Comic Books, Jaques Brel, Cassavetes, Brando and the list goes on…..I took the many things I love in this world and two words kept popping up….. TWIN SHADOW

TDOA: I’m very excited about you coming to Dallas –what do you hope touring will bring?

TS: Adventure and record sales.

You can purchase the debut album by Twin Shadow for $1 at http://twinshadow.net/post/1003349444/unforgettable-deal

Tour Dates:
Sep 11 Glasslands Gallery Brooklyn, NY
Sep 18 Le Poisson Rouge New York, NY
Sep 20 9:30 Club Washington, DC
Sep 21 Orange Peel Asheville, NC
Sep 22 The EARL Atlanta, GA Tickets
Sep 24 Antone’s Austin, TX Tickets
Sep 25 Granada Theater Dallas, TX
Sep 27 Rhythm Room Phoenix, AZ
Sep 28 Belly Up Solana Beach, CA
Sep 30 Echoplex Los Angeles, CA

4 Responses to “Your New Favourite Band: Twin Shadow”

  • John

    “Forget” has been a pop revelation for a week now. I feel like I stole it for a mere $8.99 for the lossless format. More than anyone else right now, George is distilling the very best out of Japanese Whispers-era Cure, Morrissey/The Smiths, Psychedelic Furs and indeed the “New Romantic” period…Q Lazzarus even comes to mind! However, I totally agree with what he said in this interview regarding these comparisons. This is no resurrection or copycat exercise. This is pensive pop perfection. I’m so lucky he’s making it to Kansas City in October. Buy!

  • Shiro K

    Wow, what is it with the way militairy type allusions have worked their way into just average American dialogue? Like, those of us not priviledged to live within U.S. borders are weel aware of how militarized American society is, but c’mon… “Join us on the proverbial Enola Gay as we join George in dropping a bomb on the indie rock snobs.” Really? You feel the need to use that allusion, to make it seem as if the Enola Gay and the genocide it facilitated by dropping an A-bomb is not disimiliar to putting indie rock “snobs” in their place? Genocide and war exist only as mere reference points in your battle for hipster cred? i think you have your priorities in dubious places, you boors. Ummm, you suck.

  • e

    ur dumb…the reference was to an OMD song. now shut up.

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