09th Aug2010

Your New Favorite Band: Picnic

by Amy M

Estonia. Here at the TDOA offices, we’ve frequently marveled at the number of great bands in places that surprise us. Say hello to Picnic, from Estonia and imagine Mazzy Star at their dreamiest. TDOA writer @aefranklin delves into their minds to help you join the swoony mood.

TDOA: What has the reception been like for Winter Honey?

P: The reviews and responses have been very positive, we don´t know much about the sales numbers though but these are anyway very small here (Winter Honey comes in just 500 copies).

TDOA: What have your experiences in other bands brought to the creative table?

P: Maybe there is not much of musical influence from our previous bands but just the experience of making music and playing together.

TDOA: Why the name change from dONT to Picnic?

P: dONT was more like Rivo´s solo thing, although we did start as dONT. But we grew different and seemed to need another name.

TDOA: Judging from the influences you list on your Myspace (Sigur Ros, Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine), Picnic sort of blends these two genres – what do you think is the most influential component of your sound?

P: Of the genres, it is definitely shoegaze that has influenced us most but even more
it is the sounds, all kinds of guitar effects, reverbs and things.

TDOA: What is the Estonian indie scene like?

P: Small but busy. Everyone knows everyone and many people are related through different bands. As for the music, everyone tries to be quite original and there is not much popish, simple indie here.

TDOA: How does the scene in Estonia differ from other European music scenes? Are you seeing momentum in any other countries?

P: Probably the main difference is that the market for indie here is basically inexistent, as can be seen from the number of copies of WH. But otherwise, creationwise, indie is indie :) We´re still quite resourceful and inventive here due to the no so far away past, when no music was available and music making forbidden, in principle.

TDOA: I’m always really interested in how gender plays to the band’s dynamic. Your thoughts on how having 2 guys and a girl in the band affects the sound/creative direction?

P: We’ve never thought about it, it´s totally natural and we´re a brilliant brew. But maybe it’s because we’ve know each other for so long.

TDOA: So, clearly not from Estonia. Who should I be listening to?

P: Bands from Seksound – Bad Apples, Imandra Lake (a band replacing Pia Fraus, which is probably the best know indie band from Estonia but disbanded a couple of years ago), Ans.Andur, etc. Mirabilia, Vaiko Eplik…

TDOA: There are some pretty funny pictures of you guys on your Myspace profile – it looks like you all have a great relationship. How does that impact your work?

P: Yes, we do have a great relationship. As said before, everyone here knows everyone and when you know already what people listen to and how they make music and what kind of people they are, you can assemble just the kind of the band you love being in. So we´ve had a band like that for four years already.

For more information about the band, visit them here.

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  • nick

    is this the same Picnic that did acover of The Wedding Presents Kennedy a few years back.sound is very similar.

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