05th Apr2010

History Lesson: Exene Cervenka and X

by Todd

It’s easy to call someone legendary, it’s another thing for them to live the role. Exene Cervenka’s role in the history of music earns her the title. Fronting the seminal LA punk band X, she was an amazing lyricist, compelling figure on stage and a powerful female symbol at a time when women weren’t taken seriously in rock. Rather than resting her laurels on that amazing band, Exene has also worked as a solo artist, writer and artist. After a brief hiatus upon announcing her diagnosis of MS, she’s come back stronger than ever to shake our lives with her incredible talent.
Recorded prior to SXSW, Exene shared some of her time to talk about her past, her views on punk rock and the future. Her insight into these topics was insightful and refreshing. More importantly, her kindness and good humor made this writer deem this one of his favorite interviews of all-time.

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To download the solo music of Exene, click on the iTunes link below:
Exene Cervenka

One Response to “History Lesson: Exene Cervenka and X”

  • Viola

    Fascinating, thank you. I don’t agree with Exene on everything, but she is a sharp and brilliant artist.

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