21st Dec2009

Beach House: The Interview

by Todd

Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally want to make all of us love each other. Their third album, Teen Dream will be released on January 26th and is already an early favorite for album of the year. As you may recall, we put their last album (Devotion) on our top ten of 2008. Rarely does a band make a trio of records that all make you weep with joy while falling in love once again. The tremendously talented duo took a few minutes with us to map our their plans for global domination.

To start, here’s the new single from their upcoming album. No video yet, so close your eyes and imagine the beauty.

TDOA: The new album, Teen Dream is already getting a lot of buzz from people who’ve heard it. How does it feel to know that so many people are anticipating its release?

A: It feels wonderful of course, we worked really hard on it, so its joyous to know that some are receiving what we have made
V: Exciting. It just makes me want to make more music though. This is a really inspired time for us. So I’m happy.

TDOA: Devotion was one of our favorite records of 2008. Can you talk about the differences between that record and the new one?

A: Devotion was recorded very quickly with songs pieced together in breaks during a tour filled year. Teen Dream was recorded meticulously in a nice studio, after writing steadily for nine months with very few trips in that time.
V: I agree.

TDOA: You’re getting ready to embark on a massive tour of the world. Are there certain cities that you’re particularly excited to visit?

A: Many many places, traveling is a passion for us, but San Francisco, Toronto, Lisbon, Bergen, Vancouver, Norman, Hattiesburg, Mississippi have all left impressions on us!
V: I want to go to Japan, Mexico and South America.

TDOA: Pitchfork has been in your corner since the release of your first record. How did you first get in touch with them? Did you send the record to Pitchfork or did someone there find you?

A: We have been lucky to get good reviews from such a well read site, i think daniel gill, our wonderful press man from the first two record probably sent it to them.
V: Santa Claus.

TDOA: You don’t see it as much in America, but in England magazines like NME and others tend to build up bands and then destroy them a year later. Given Pitchfork’s reputation for being occasionally brutal, do you think about their reaction when you’re recording new music? Although clearly has a great deal of integrity, it seems like it would be hard to keep it from crossing your mind….

A : We try to think of nothing when writing, we hope to constantly evolve and grow and this will without a doubt create new fans and alienate others.
V: I like to turn away from the external influences when creating our world. There is a time for it when ready. The only pressures to pay attention to are our own intense ones. You must let your ideas be whatever they will be.

TDOA: Can you talk about your experiences with music videos. For many bands it’s a necessary evil, but you’ve seemed to make a real effort with yours. You’ve also avoided the purely “performance video” concept and tried to actually make videos that tell stories. Do you enjoy the concept and what would you like to do for the videos on the new record?

A: Well, firstly, we curated a dvd of videos for every song on the record, its coming out with every copy of the record on cd and lp. They are not like music videos, more like interpretations. and yes, we love music videos!
V: We love videos. The power of film and music is undeniable. The DVD is a curation of video interpretations by ten different artists. I did one for Silver Soul. Sex sells!

TDOA: Some bands write music together in a rehearsal space. Others write parts as individuals and bring them together in the studio. How does Beach House approach writing songs and how has it evolved since the first record?

A: We do both of those things, I think we have just really honed what we naturally do together. We can write really quickly now, so it’s easier to get past the crappy stages and into the zone of super sexy monster jams.
V: We are like inside out reversible every changing colored yin yangs of music. Telepathy and impulsive lightning storms. With a break for burgers in between.

TDOA: Do you enjoy the live experience as much as recording in the studio. Sometimes “quieter” bands complain that audiences are a bit noisy or don’t pay attention during shows. Can playing live be a bit unsettling, as opposed to the comforts of the studio?

A: I think we have gotten really into playing live because its the only way to get by in modern music, its become a nice challenge to try to make something amazing happen live, to really recreate the energy of the song each night.
V: Live is invigorating and revealing. The experience grows every time we play. It also informs us in regards to the writing process.

To pre-order the new album, click here.Teen Dream (+ DVD)

To purchase their back catalog via iTunes, click on the enticing grey iTunes button below:
Beach House

Feb 21 2010 Vooruit Gent
Feb 22 2010 Botanique Brussells
Feb 23 2010 Paradiso Amsterdam
Feb 24 2010 Vera Groningen
Feb 25 2010 Roter Salon Berlin
Feb 26 2010 Loppen Copenhagen
Feb 27 2010 Debaser Stockholm
Feb 28 2010 Parkteatret Oslo
Mar 2 2010 Pusterviksbaren (Club Woody West) Gothenburg
Mar 3 2010 Molotov Hamburg
Mar 4 2010 UT Connwitz Leipzig
Mar 5 2010 Feierwerk München
Mar 6 2010 Abart Zürich
Mar 8 2010 The Sage w/ Grizzzzzzly Bear Newcastle
Mar 9 2010 The Queens Hall w/ Grizzly Bear Edinburgh
Mar 11 2010 The Corn Exchange w/ Grizzly Bear Brighton
Mar 12 2010 Warwick Arts Centre w/Grizzly Bear Coventry
Mar 13 2010 Roundhouse w/ Grizzly Bear London
Mar 14 2010 Roundhouse w/ Grizzly Bear London
Mar 17 2010 Lux Fragil Lisbon
Mar 18 2010 Centro Cultural Vila Flor Guimarães

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