24th Sep2009

TDOA Podcast: Rob Dickinson- The Interview

by Todd

rob dickinson

What becomes a legend most…?  How many great artist have we talked to about the bands they played in during the 80′s and 90′s?  How often have they tried to distance themselves from their earlier bands, denying a new generation an opportunity to hear their fine work?

Rob Dickinson fronted one of the greatest of these bands when Catherine Wheel provided some of the best music to come out of England in the 90′s.  From 1990 to 2000, Catherine Wheel shed their early shoegaze tag and became one of the great rock bands of the decade.  Black Metallic set the tone for the first record, “Ferment” and the band continued to create epic soundscapes throughout their career.

Black Metallic

Alas, all good things must come to an end.  But after the band broke up, Dickinson emerged with a solid solo record, Fresh Wine For The Horses which complimented rather than distanced itself from his CW work.  He’s also recorded an album of acoustic versions of six Catherine Wheel songs and still performs it all live.  He’s embraced the work he created without using it as a crutch.  Instead,  reinterpreting it and growing it to it’s next logical place.

Rob took a few moments on the phone with us to talk about his past and the future.  He’ll be performing in Austin, Texas this week, giving us all an opportunity to learn that what becomes a legend most.  Well baby, tonight it’s you.

Rob Dickinson will be appearing at Mixx in Austin, Texas on Friday, September 25th.  You can purchase tickets here.

To purchase his latest solo record via iTunes, click the cute little iTunes button.

Rob Dickinson - Fresh Wine for the Horses

or any of his tremendous work with Catherine Wheel
Catherine Wheel

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