11th Sep2009

TDOA Podcast: Alan Mcgee- The Interview

by Todd


I’m not sure if there’s a non-musician who’s made a more indelible impact on music than Alan Mcgee.  In 1983, Alan formed Creation Records and brought the world a tsunami of music whose impact still reverberates today.  The Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream, Ride, My Bloody Valentine and dozens of other bands changed the way alternative music was made, under the umbrella of Creation.  In 1994, Alan signed Oasis and started yet another British Invasion.

With the revival of the C86/Mary Chain sound providing such a huge impact on current bands, we thought it was high time to track down the wizard behind the curtain.  To our good fortune (and yours!), he didn’t disappoint.  Still fiercely political, his views are still just as controversial.  But, this isn’t a marketing ploy to get in your head.  He clearly believes that our world is in turmoil and the state of the public consciousness will determine our fate.

But despite this, he took an hour of his time to talk about the great bands of the past with the gusto that we’d hoped for.  Buckle up kiddies, because Alan doesn’t pull any punches on his feelings about My Bloody Valentine, Coldplay, major labels or the future of Oasis.  While we may not agree on everything discussed here, we do agree on a critical point:  Passion will conquer all.  Love is all you need.

Alan Mcgee by TDOA2011

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  • It’s our birthday! Top 5 TDOA Interviews says:

    [...] Alan McGee: While setting up some of our interviews is a simple process, this interview took three months to arrange. In other words, we badgered him (as he referenced, jokingly during the interview) until he finally relented. As you would expect, the mastermind behind Creation Records and Oasis had a plethora of stories and opinions. Politically, he’s about as far to the right as one can be without a visit from the Secret Service. Musically, his opinions on bands like My Bloody Valentine gave us insight that we found fascinating. [...]

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