03rd Sep2009

The Dumbing of America Weekly Podcast: Magazine Pt. 2- Dave Formula

by Todd


This week, we continue our profile of the great band Magazine. Last week, we published our podcast with their singer Howard Devoto. Dave Formula was an integral part of the band and his influence as a keyboardist is particularly relevant now. With the plethora of groups using keyboards, it was interesting to talk to one of the first and most important keyboard players of the post-punk era.

Dave was remarkably patient while we experienced a few technical difficulties during the recording of this interview. We don’t think you’ll notice the minor edits that are included in this recording and they certainly don’t impact the overall impact of the interview. More importantly, it was nice to speak a patient, friendly and brilliant member of one of the worlds’ most influential post-punk bands.

As always you can listen to the interview here or download it for free at iTunes here.

Please let us know what you think. We’d love to get some feedback in the comments section on our podcast series. Next week, we will publishing a re-edited podcast of our interview with Peter Hook from New Order.

To purchase the new DVD, currently available only in PAL Format visit http://www.wire-sound.com/shop
You can also purchase Dave Formula’s new solo record (highly recommended!) from the same site.

To purchase the music of Magazine, visit Amazon.com here

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One Response to “The Dumbing of America Weekly Podcast: Magazine Pt. 2- Dave Formula”

  • James Roberts

    Great interviews.

    Intelligent questions and very relaxed, the most relaxed I’ve heard them on a radio interview. Well done and thanks very much for doing this.

    Best wishes


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