27th Aug2009

The Dumbing of America podcast: Magazine Interview, Part 1

by Todd


Magazine were an influential British post punk band founded in 1977 by former Buzzcocks singer Howard Devoto and guitarist John McGeoch. The other members of the band’s classic lineup included bassist Barry Adamson, keyboardist Dave Formula, and drummer John Doyle. The band burst onto the scene with the single Shot by Both Sides and released five albums before disbanding in 1981. Magazine’s music continues to be an influence in modern music today. While having roots in the punk movement, Magazine were one of the primary pioneers of post-punk. Radiohead in particular draws on the lyrical style of the group, while Former Smiths singer Morrissey called the break-up of Magazine, “one of the saddest days of his life”.

In 2009 the band resurfaced for half a dozen life performances in the UK, with Noko (who collaborated with Devoto in the late 80s in Luxuria) filling the position of guitarist. One of their recent shows in Manchester, recorded on Feb 17th 2009 has been released under the title, “Magazine: Real Life & Thereafter” and shows the band in amazing form.

Earlier this week, I had an opportunity to speak with singer Howard Devoto and keyboardist Dave Formula via phone. This is the first part of that interview, in which I talk to Howard Devoto.  You can listen to the interview here or download it for free at iTunes here.

Here’s a video from the DVD; ‘Magazine: Real Life & Thereafter’.

To purchase the new DVD, currently available only in PAL Format http://www.wire-sound.com/shop

To purchase the music of Magazine, visit Amazon.com here

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    [...] Howard Devoto: The opportunity to interview the lead singer of Magazine was something we took great pride in. While some subjects will give you a pass if they disagree with any of your premises, Howard went after us whenever he thought we’d strayed to far off the path. Coupled with our interview with keyboardist Dave Formula, we got some great insight to what it was like in post-punk England in the early 80’s. [...]

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