04th Jul2009

Peter Hook: The Interview

by Todd


I’ve been trying to connect with Peter Hook for quite some time. The bass player for the seminal bands Joy Division and New Order has always been an intriguing figure for me. I was thrilled when he sent me a note last week, indicating that he’d be in my hometown of Dallas for a DJ gig and asked if I wanted to meet for an interview.

This interview was conducted in the lobby of his hotel (hence the background noise!) shortly before his gig here in Dallas. The challenge with interviewing any artist who’s been around awhile, is to ask questions that haven’t been asked ad nauseum. I don’t want to bore the subject or you, the reader with topics that have been done too often. The members of New Order have had a reputation of being leery of discussing Joy Division, although this seems to have shifted in recent years.

I mention this as the backdrop for this interview. Given my love of Joy Division/New Order, coupled with the potential for the interview to go awry, I was quite nervous going into this one. Having said that, Peter Hook was easily the best subject I’ve ever dealt with. Friendly and brazenly forthcoming, I felt that he discussed topics that I’d never heard covered before. The beauty of our new web host, is that it permits me to post the entire audio of this interview. While I will generally continue to transcribe these for you to read, I felt that hearing Peter’s voice adds a great deal to the experience here. His passion for topics that are decades old is something that can’t be conveyed by words alone. As a conciliatory move, I’ve broken this up into three, ten-minute parts for you to easily digest.

Peter Hook: Part 1

Peter Hook: Part 2

Peter Hook: Part 3

5 Responses to “Peter Hook: The Interview”

  • Ian Dunn

    Brilliant interview, a thousand times better than any written format, Hooks personality shines through as usual. Great to hear Peter say, never say never about playing as NO again.

  • andrew

    you should put this on itunes its GREAT!

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