03rd Mar2009

Interview: The verbosity of Darker My Love

by Todd


2010 Update! In July of 2010 we were given another opportunity to interview DML. The new interview was a bit more in-depth and can be viewed here.

Our love of Darker My Love has been well documented.  This Los Angeles band has released two albums on Dangerbird Records.  Both have landed on our top ten album lists and we see no reason to believe there won’t be more great albums in their future.

Sometimes we poke a band to find out the intellectual process involved in making a record.  Sometimes we find it necessary to make something look more complex and interesting to give it the appearance of having….substance.

TDOA: Your albums remind me a lot of some of the great British bands of the late 80’s and 90’s: Jesus and Mary Chain, Spaceman 3, etc.. What music did you listen to during your “formative” years?

Jared Everett (rhythm guitar): Jesus and Mary Chain, Spaceman 3, My Bloody Valentine.

TDOA: Please talk about how you get your trademark guitar sound (for the guitar geeks among us). Guitar and amp types, pedals, etc.
JE: My guitar/amp “rig” is pretty standard. Guild, Fender, Fuzz Factory…. The rest is in the picks. Fender classic mediums.

TDOA: One of the themes of our website is the abolition of bad bands. If you could make one current band or artist disappear from the earth, who would it be?

JE: The Crystal Antlers. What’s up with them? They look great, but we don’t need the competition.

TDOA: You’ve had two great albums with a lot of critical acclaim. What’s the next step for DML? Is their a current or former band’s success that you aspire to, like a Radiohead or someone of their magnitude?

JE: Little Richard has been hanging in there for decades. Show us the light, Dick!

TDOA: Is there anyone that you really want to see at SXSW?

JE: Whitehouse played a few years back. I missed it.

TDOA: A lot of good bands can’t get into festivals like SXSW and CMJ.What do you tell a band that’s trying to get into a festival like that (other than, “make better music”)?

JE: Keep chuggin’ away, you’ll find your rhythm.
TDOA:  In the 80’s Peter Gabriel made a big deal about not titling his records (the first four records were are called, Peter Gabriel 1, 2, etc.) because he wanted people to treat them like issues of a magazine. What’s DML thinking behind calling the newest record “2”.

JE: I’m not sure Gabriel was the first. We weren’t thinking too hard, just counting.

TDOA: Huge bands like Metallica complain about illegal downloading, but what financial impact do you think it  has on a band of your size and how are fans hurting you by illegally downloading your music?

JE: Illegally? Our record label gives it away for free on their website.

TDOA: Both of your albums were in my top 10 for their respective years. So few bands are able to sustain a level of creativity after their first album. I have a couple of questions in this area

a. Did you write most of the 2nd album on the road?

Tim Presley (vocals/guitars): No

b. Can you talk about your inspirations for the 2nd album?

TP: That’s easy. Definitely the great white shark.

TDOA:  Please describe the process of writing a Darker My Love song.  What comes first: Lyrics, guitars, vocals or melody?

TP- Melody, vocals, guitars, then lyrics.
….we still love you DML.

2010 Update! In July of 2010 we were given another opportunity to interview DML. The new interview was a bit more in-depth and can be viewed here.

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