13th Feb2009

A good idea and a bad one

by Todd

White Lies have just released their video for “Fairwell To The Fairgrounds”.  At this point the only place you can see it, is on their website (http://whitelies.com) but we’ll put it up on this website as soon as it’s available.

At the end of last year I picked them to put out the album of the year.  Of course this was before we knew The Boxer Rebellion, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart and Loney Dear were going to issue masterpieces (Does Jaydiohead count since it’s not an “official” release? Just asking).  The album suffers from an identity crisis; do they want to be Joy Division, Interpol or The Killers?  Unfortunately, they seem to lean more into Killers territory  than they did on their earlier singles.

However, the new single “Fairwell to the Fairgrounds” is a great song which has Harry McVeigh in full on Julian Cope mode.  It could easily be a lost Teardrop Explodes song and the video has some Bunnymen “Heaven Up Here” elements to it that make it interesting to watch.  All in all, a great choice for a single and a well done video.

But then there’s the bad idea which really makes me question the band’s future on my Ipod.  They’ve also decided to release an instrumental version of the album.  Ah, the vanity.  I’m hoping that next week they’ll release a version of just the drum track.  They can follow that up with a version that contains just the sound of them breathing while playing their instruments.  Any other good suggestions for future releases?

Having said that, they’re doing a small U.S. tour in the spring.  If you don’t go to see them this time (remember, that Blind Pig sells out fast A!), I promise you’ll regret it.

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